amber style environments
Strategic Design harnessing the power of "What If?"
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interior design for experiential environments

Strategic Design

harnessing the power of

“What If?”

amber style environments.

You deserve a team who understands that your project is more than the sum of its parts.  

We bring to the table a unique mix of creative energy and business acumen. Design is a tool which enhances the guest-user experience, promotes long term relationships, and actively contributes to the success of your enterprise.  

Amber Style Environments are brought to life by analysts, artists, thinkers, and tinkerers.  We live by “what if?”, we play in that magical place where technical practicality meets "shiny objects", and we work with you to elevate all design elements to their highest and best use.

Our mission is to create singular, experiential environments through creative design consultation where success is measured at the Triple Bottom Line: People-Planet-Profit.

Our shared goal is the success of your project. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


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Styles, like everything else, change.
Style does not.
— Linda Ellerbee

interior design services.


boutique lifestyle experiences.


design/build industry support services.


specialty retail design and tenant improvements.

art & accessories

shiny objects.


private homes, rentals, and multi-family.


custom designs and inspired re-purposing.